Helena J. Conley

Your Financial Services Business Coach & Mentor

For 8 years now, Helena has been an elite and sought after Independent Financial Consultant. Specializing as a Personal Finance and Living Benefits Specialist, she has been an invited Keynote Speaker at more than 20 cities across the nation, in 2020 alone.

Through her professional financial services, Helena has helped transformed the financial and personal lives of hundreds of individuals, families and business owners, allowing them to enjoy financial freedom.  As a Business Coach & Mentor, she also empowers people just like you to attain the same financial service provider acumen she developed over years, to help you extend your own brand of financial services.

Before her rapid ascension in the financial services industry, Helena was an educator, having taught Math at the Los Angeles Unified School District as well as at the University of Phoenix. It was during this stint when a 5-digit salary cut made her take a step back and take a close look at her personal finances. After receiving a basic financial education and a checkup on her finances, Helena realized the enormous potential that financial information had to completely change a person’s life.

Through her role as a Financial Services Professional and Financial Services business coach and mentor, Helena truly believes that she has found her calling in life, helping others achieve financial freedom. Her experience and embedded inclination to teach allows her to thoroughly enjoy what she does.

Helena is a graduate of Occidental College. When not delivering a keynote speech or when not personally mentoring her financial service partners or protégés, Helena enjoys traveling and playing many types of sport.