How Helena’s Training Helps You Become a Financial Services Provider?

When you decide to work with Helena, you shall receive both one-on-one and group training from Helena herself, personally, through live video Zoom sessions.

Training, Education and Personal Mentoring You Will Receive

Financial Concepts Training

To provide professional services as a financial services provider, you will first need to understand financial concepts. You need to be able to identify and understand the value of various financial services and products, to then present this value to customers you will seek.

Here’s a sampling of financial concepts you will learn;

  • Retirement Planning – Receive training that helps you understand how much you must have saved up for retirement, to meet all your needs in your sunset years. Attain a clear understanding of how to eventually present retirement planning products and services to your customers
  • Investing – How to invest? What are your investment goals? What are your investment risks? What is your investment timeline? What are the various investment vehicles and their corresponding rewards and risks? Learn how to present your clients with bespoke investment opportunities
  • Budgeting – Understand how a very fundamental but critical personal finance skill has the ability to stabilize and turnaround anyone’s personal finances, then presenting opportunities to save and invest
  • Asset Analysis – Learn how to analyze one’s assets, to then understand the impact of taxes, inflation and risk to those assets. Gain an understanding on how to re-balance asset allocation, to then be able to provide it as a professional service
  • Insurance Analysis – Fully understand the types and benefits of Term Vs Permanent insurance plans. Learn how to estimate living and death benefits, to then be able to show your clients value in insurance investments you can help them make

Hands on Field Training

Accompany or join Helena on field visits or virtual calls where you can see learn how to put your training to practical use, acquiring customers who will sign up for your financial services and products. This hands on field training gives you practical knowhow on how to convert knowledge into real world business results

Building Business Partnerships

Helena will teach you business partnership and networking skills that will allow you to grow your financial services business, by empowering others you take under your wing. Learn how to create a win-win system where you mentor people with the same skills Helena teaches you, to help them become business owners while you also reap the benefits of their success

Licensing Assistance

Helena will personally mentor, aid and guide you through the processes required to help you attain a license to operate as a financial services provider. As a licensed financial service provider, you have the potential to both professionally begin offering your financial services business, while also being able to grow your business by partnering with other finance professionals

How Helena’s Training is provided?

  • One-on-One & Group Zoom Video Sessions
  • 24/7 Access to all recorded Zoom video training sessions
  • Access to over 15 Digital PDF Presentations
  • Access to Helena’s personal cell phone number

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